This absolutely gorgeous animal, whose "call name" is MINK, (which stands for Multiple Income No Kids), is an absolute joy to be around. Mink, who is 10 years old, brings in the mail; the newspaper; or whatever he is directed to fetch and is an enthusiastic Frisbee and fly-ball player, an agility aficionado, whose lust for life exudes from his almond shaped brown eyes. Mink will sing on command; speak when spoken to; play dead; rollover; give you high-five (handshake), and upon request, deliver a kiss on the nose!

To date, Mink has accumulated 210 placing ribbons, both in Conformation, Agility and Obedience trials, capturing an astounding 87 firsts, which does include "Best in Show", and a extraordinary large number of "Best of Breed", "High-In-Trials", "Best of Winners", "Best Opposite, and 6 five-point major reserves. His latest escapade was to receive two CDX titles both in UKC and AKC with an astounding six (6) straight firsts, and three firsts for his three UD legs. Mink is always among the top dogs in every competition, regardless of the number of dogs or variety of breeds. This Champion animal has received AKC's 'Certified Good Citizenship' (CGC) Title which involves a series of socialization challenges. Mink has qualified for several GAINES REGIONAL COMPETITIONS (AKC), and TOP GUN (UKC) sponsored by Cycle Dog Food. Mink has his Agility title, both is UKC & AKC. He has passed his first "Herding Instinct Test." Mink also has experience as a therapy dog.

Mink continues his training and a variety of tricks, and is having a wonderful career as a showman. Mink is repeatedly used for commercial advertising with such companies as "Neiman-Marcus", as well as Starring in their Video which Neiman's sends to many of their very best customers), "A presently running HOUR National TV Infomercial for Dr. Jim's GREAT PETS Program, A TV Commercial for the Columbus Gas Company of Ohio, "Pier 1 imports", "Petalogue" and part of a Full page "blitz" Ad by CYCLE Brand dog food. Mink is also featured (with name and title) on the NEW BIO-GROOM labels, and has been used by many, many others, for a variety of purposes. He is also available for television, commercials of all types, catalogs, fund raisers, or other advertising media. Additionally, Mink, for the last five years, is part of free hour long seminars, twice a week, teaching people how to THINK dog.

But above all, and more importantly, gazing upon this once in a lifetime beautiful face, is why PEOPLE THE WORLD OVER LOVE THEIR DOG.

Chuck Iannaci, Proud Owner/Handler/Trainer




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