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A painting I did of my wife and her furry family

               Claudia Iannaci's Experience is as follows: 17 years of teaching Obedience and 16 years of teaching Agility. An Obedience Judge for a number of years, she was selected to judge TOP GUN. Has attended numerous seminars, given seminars and read, conservatively, a hundred or more books on the subject. Has put numerous titles on eight dogs in six different registries in eight different disciplines, both in Obedience and Agility. All this, in addition to working 60 hours a week as s Deputy Mgr. at Lockheed Martin.
              Chuck Iannaci's Experience mirrors Claudia, save for additionally being a Conformation Judge for a number of years. He has also participated in TV and Info Commercials with his dog. His dog has been highlighted on Bio Groom Products for more than a decade, as well as appearing in the Nieman Marcus Christmas Catalog. Chuck's oil paintings of dogs are memorable as delineated by the portrait of Lady on this site. Both Claudia and Chuck have boxes of winning ribbons, but more importantly, they care about you and your dog.



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